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Cial Intellian Artificgence Diagnose Dementia In A Day?

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Researchers have been warning about the future of Artificial Intelligence since the 1990’s. Nowadays, computers are so good that they can process and analyze all of the information that humans need to operate in society. Computers are now so advanced that they can even diagnose and treat diseases in a day. If we can get an artificial intelligent computer to diagnose and treat any disease, then we will have conquered one of mankind’s greatest challenges.

One day artificial intelligence will be able to diagnose dementia in a day and be able to suggest treatments for it. We all know that cognitive decline is the first stages of dementia and it generally starts with memory loss and gets worse each year. With technology developing at such a rapid pace it may not be long before we can get this technology to help with the onset of dementia. It might just be one of the few research projects that are funded by the government these days.

Dementia is a disease that is mostly diagnosis based. Currently there are many disease labs around the world using artificial intelligence to study this problem. If we can use the same technology that these researchers are using, then we could probably find an effective treatment for this disease. Right now there are already many research projects being done and results released each year. With all of these years of experience behind them, it would make sense to use the knowledge from past and present to better diagnose and treat the disease.

Right now most dementia research is focused on understanding the causes of this disease. It has been proven that the cause is not only hereditary but can also be caused by poor diet and even emotional issues. However, what researchers don’t understand is why people with dementia experience the cognitive decline that they do. One theory is that because the disease is mostly mental, the brain becomes oversensitive to certain stimuli and as a result the thinking processes slow down. This process is similar to what happens when you go to a beach and are surrounded by a bunch of people who are having a great time.

As time progresses, we will definitely learn more about dementia and the methods that researchers are using. Right now, there are currently clinical trials being run using artificial intelligence to diagnose different kinds of diseases and brain functions. The goal is to make computers able to diagnose various conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. If successful, this could mean that patients who are stuck in the deep phases of these diseases could be effectively cured in a day. If it works well, this could revolutionize treating these diseases forever.

Right now we cannot test the effectiveness of this software for Alzheimer’s or any other disease. However, we can look at the results that researchers have gotten so far. Over a two year span, researchers managed to train an artificial intelligence to recognize photos and recognize written words. They were also able to teach this system to recognize numbers and basic shapes as well as recognize the emotions behind facial expressions. If the system is able to successfully process all of the data that it is given, it will open up a lot of doors for helping to cure these conditions.

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